Thursday, January 12, 2012

One Last Post on Judicial Support of CC Licenses

One other link that I found in my search of rulings supporting Creative Commons license protections for the holder of copyrights is at  This is a wiki page that shows case law supporting the licenses.

Those reading my blog from my first post on this subject have had the opportunity to go on a research adventure with me.  I apologize to those who were already aware of these rulings and the web pages that provided quick access.  But thanks for playing.

The case law that is listed on this wiki seems fairly scant for such an important legal protection, at least as it seems to be of such concern to most creators of copyrightable works.  But I believe that they are critically important to showing that the use of this license does not degrade the ability to protect the creative work from infringement as the creator would define it. 

I believe these rulings are sufficient to convince concerned creators that their rights are protected when they share their creations.  I also believe that most creators will value the evolution of their creations, both in terms of the improvements that sharing will provide, and the value that will be derived from society through that evolution.

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