Monday, March 19, 2012

Open Ed Researcher Badge Complete

This is the post in which I propose that I have completed the requirements for the Open Ed Researcher Badge.  In accordance with the requirements I am linking the posts that were required to earn this badge.

First, I affirm that I carefully read and viewed all of the materials provided for the topics Open Source, OpenCourseWare, and Open Educational Resources.

Secondly, I am providing the links to my previous blog posts about these three topics with the research materials that I found and reported.

  1. OpenCourseWare Post
  2. Open Source Post
  3. Open Educational Resources Post
Finally, the link below takes the reader to my proposed research project for each of these three topics.

Research Studies for Open Topics

Overall I found the research interesting and I learned a great deal about current issues in each of these three topic areas.  The research studies I have proposed may be redundant with existing research but a more thorough literature review would reveal that if I were actually pursuing these studies as part of my program.

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