Sunday, February 21, 2010

Step 4 - My Electricity Web Site

The purpose of this step was to complete the population of all of the web pages, videos, and supporting documents for the electricity unit web site.  Once this exercise was completed, all I have left to do are the steps to create:

  1. An interactive simulation for assembling circuits
  2. An interactive assessment module that would allow students to take the pre-test on-line in a multiple choice format with feedback based on their response.
I feel like we are at that point with just a few minor edits still to make in these materials.  The format of the module is that it allows the teacher to guide the students through the various documents and exercises for each lesson.  The lessons contain a library of the documents and other resources that can be used by the students or the teachers at any time from any location.

To see the web site use this link or enter the url

I feel good about where the project is at this point.


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