Friday, March 12, 2010

Step 7 - Create Assessments for each lesson.

This step was to complete an online assessment for each lesson in the unit.  While I have become familiar with most of the JavaScript coding that would be required for the creation of these interactive assessments, I decided to use some code available on the web to save the time in writing the assessments for the electricity web site.  I thank the author James Crooke who made the code available at  The code works very well and is easy to modify.

Each test uses two files:

  1. An HTML document named with the pattern "Test_less1.html" (See the code in pdf form here)
  2. A JavaScript document which is referenced in the HTML document named with the pattern "less1_functions.js" (See the .js code in pdf form here.)
The HTML files calls the "renderQuiz()" function in the .js file which then uses style and javascript to render the exam and provide feedback.

The assessments completed in these steps are for lessons one through six.  The final review practice test is scheduled for step 10.  If time permits, the format for the responses and feedback provided will differ from this format.  If not, the comprehensive practice test will be similar in format but have many more questions to assist with the review.

The links below are to each of the unit quizzes:

Lesson 1 Test

Lesson 2 Test

Lesson 3 Test

Lesson 4 Test

Lesson 5 Test

Lesson 6 Test

The tests can be taken over again as needed for review.

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